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I’m very pleased with the great customer service you always provided to us. You are very professional, and I will no doubt refer other parents to you.

—Mom of sixteen year old, Fremont CA

Fast ForWord

The Fast ForWord programs are comprehensive, research-based intervention software products that strengthen brain processing and literacy skills to increase reading proficiency in students of all ages.

The Fast ForWord programs develop and strengthen memory, attention, processing rate, and sequencing—the cognitive skills essential for reading success. Strengthening these skills results in a wide range of improved critical language and reading skills such as phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, decoding, working memory, syntax, grammar, and other skills necessary to learn how to read or to become a better reader.

Four key components in the Fast ForWord programs work together to create the dramatic changes in brain function required to achieve universal literacy:

The Reading Brain